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                                                          The Mini-Manchas
We raise small Dairy Goats for Country Homesteading, Urban Homesteading and Hobby
Farms for a self-sufficient and substainable life style.

For those of you who are new to Minis....The Mini Manchas or Mini LaManchas as they are sometimes called, are a
hybrid cross between a registered Nigerian Buck and a registered standard dairy Doe.  Using a Nigerian Buck with
any of the standard dairy Does will produce a Mini offspring.   They are a small well balanced goat with hybrid
genetics from both breeds.  Their milk is sweet and production is perfect for a family milker or for a Micro Dairy.
Many of us are experiencing an economic downturn and are pursuing a more self-sufficient and sustainable live style:
gardening, backyard chickens, rabbits, etc.   Small dairy goats have become popular in Urban Homesteads, Country
Homesteads and /or Hobby Farms.  Mini goats can provide a supply of wholesome milk for the family.  They are
smaller than the standard breeds and larger than the Nigerian breed.  If you do not want to breed your Doe each year,
or you do not have an outlet for the offspring,
you can milk a Doe for years before having to think about rebreeding.
The milk production will reduce in quantity during the winter months and rise in the spring.  Butterfat percentages
will be high and milk can be used to make cheese.  We always have several Does that are in milk for 2 to 4 years before
we bred them again.  We have a constant supply of milk and make cheese, butter and ice cream.  Much better than that
store bought stuff!

Our Mini Manchas are registered with
TMGR (The Miniature Goat Registry).  Even though you may not think you
want a registered goat....never say will feed an unregistered goat the same amount as a registered goat.
So you might as well have the paperwork!

Please take the time to view our Mini Bucks.  You will find a link at the bottom of the page for our Mini Does.                  

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to add/start your Mini herd, please feel free to email us.  If we are
attending a show in your area, we will be glad to transport your purchased goat and meet you there!                           
CH DESERTWINDS BUCANEER    dob 1-25-2003     1st Gen

SIRE:  Desertwinds Mt Charleston   (Reg Nigerian)   
DAM:  Geiser's Lofty Casey             (Reg ADGA)
3xGCH, 2xRGCH, 1xBest Buck In Show
What can we say about Buc.  He is long, level, dairy, angular, and has
lots of body capacity.  He has become one of the "old men" here on the
ranch, but still enjoys the girls!  PASSED AWAY ON 11-1-15.
Phantasma Blue Oyster Cult    3rd Gen    dob 1-23-06
Blue Eyes         PEDIGREE

SIRE: CH Phantasma OS Big Hunk  2nd Gen
DAM: CH Phantasma TA Camile      2nd Gen      
BOC is a nice blend of power and dairy.  He arrived
soon after his birth when I brought his dam Camile
here to the ranch.  BOC is friendly and has thrown
some very nice kids...Does with great udders!
We admit BOC does not show well, nor take good pictures, however his
offspring are fantastic!  One of his daughters Novelle won GCH Jr Doe,
a second one took the RGCH in 2008 and Rachel is a wonderful
milker!  He really improves his never judge a Buck until
you see his kids!
Desertwinds Fancys Buckaroo  2nd Gen  dob 1-28-07 (PEDIGREE)

SIRE: Twin Creeks IL Class Act
DAM: Desertwinds Norweign Wood     

We really love this Buck!  He is long, sharp, very dairy.  One of his
daughters Desertwinds Saharas Oasis has done extremely  well in
the show ring.  His mother Norgie (Norweign Wood) is  still on the
milk stand...and she kidded in Jan 2008!  He has wonderful milk
genetics behind him!  He has several daughters in our herd that we
have retained.   Kids...most of them are the dominant white with
black random spots.  The best combination has been Sahara and
Savanah for consistency in the Kids.
Desertwinds Pocket Aces    dob 3-1-08             PEDIGREE         2xGCH and 2xRGCH

SIRE:  Desertwinds DWJ Snowboard      3rd Gen
DAM:   Desertwinds Josephine (Josie)    3rd Gen             

Pocket is a 4th Generation with great mammary behind him. His brother Two Pair is now a
Finished Champion and Pocket only needs one more to finish too.  Their Dam Josie is still on
the milk stand after 4 years!  Pocket is very dairy with angulation and width between the
hocks.  He has a sweet personalities and passes this on to his kids.               
Desertwinds Journeys Escape    3rd Gen        dob 4-5-08   

SIRE:  Desertwinds Journey        
DAM:  Desertwinds Savanah   

This boy is lo-o-ng and very dairy....his picture does not do
him justice!  He
has several kids who have gone on to
new homes and are great on the milk stand.  We will be
taking a much better picture of him soon!
                         I PROMISE!
      His Dam Desertwinds Josie is still coming to the milk stand after 6 years!

I will get a newer picture
of him up soon.
BOC passed away on
2-4-15 at 9 years.
He will be missed.